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Gold prices have been on the rise for the past decade and look to grow further into 2022.

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Gold Price Singapore
Gold Price Singapore
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What is the Gold Price in Singapore?

Singapore Gold Price Today

To better understand the SGD versus USD Gold price fluctuations, there are different charts provided other than in Singapore dollar, so users can track the price details over the various periods, for instance, weekly basis, monthly, annually, and historical. Sign up today!

Singapore Gold Price Chart​

Singapore Gold Price Chart

The Singapore Gold Price Chart presents the spot price of gold in Singapore dollars. This chart is updated every hour. The chart displays the most updated gold prices for one troy ounce of gold, thirty grammes of gold, and ten grams of gold. The Singapore Gold Price Chart was created to help people take advantage of market fluctuations and to provide a reliable resource for those interested in investing in this precious metal.


Gold 916 Price Singapore

The gold price in Singapore in Singapore dollar per ounce rates keep updating after every second, and these prices are updated frequently in times of fluctuation. The gold prices per ounce are converted from US dollars to the Singaporean Dollar as per the latest exchange rates, whereby one US dollar is equivalent to 1.4 Singaporean dollars (as of January 2022). The prices are calculated per kilogram, tola, ounce, and grams and also in karats. 


916 Gold Price Singapore
Mustafa Gold Price

Gold Price in Singapore Mustafa

Mustafa always makes an estimate of the gold price based on the price per gram that is announced by the bullion market. The Troy Ounce, which weighs 31.10 grams and is used to calculate the price of gold, is the unit of measurement. They publish the price per ounce, but instead of using a conversion factor of 31.10, they use a factor of 28.35. They also report the price per ounce.

916 Gold Price in Singapore Today Joyalukkas

916 Gold Price in Singapore Today Joyalukkas

Several gold purity’s such as 22k also known as 91.6 or 916, and 24k also known 999 gold have their prices having unique value standings every day. The value of 916 Gold price in Singapore today Joyalukkas is not far different from Mustafa’s. The prices are also in the Singapore gold price chart; however, the value of 916 gold will keep changing, so to be sure check daily. 

The purity of the gold in the finished product, which is 22-carat, is represented by the numeric numbers ‘916’ on the gold bar that has been stamped with them. To put it another way, a 916 gold bar has 91.6 grams of pure gold for 100 grams of alloy, or 91.6 grams of pure gold every 100 grams of alloy.

916 Gold Price in Singapore Today Joyalukkas

UOB gold price Singapore

The gold prices depend on international gold prices adjusted for the market conditions in Singapore. Gold can be sold or bought in various physical forms at the latest sell and buy rates as quoted by gold retailers and banks. While you can buy the physical gold at stated prices, if you want the gold retailers and banks to store it, you have to incur extra insurance coverages and storage costs. However, you can store your gold in a gold savings account, which is allowed by a few banks like UOB. This means that you will not be getting physical gold.

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916 gold price in singapore maxi-cash

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J. R. R. Tolkien
Gold is a treasure, and he who possesses it does all he wishes to in this world, and succeeds in helping souls into paradise.
Christopher Columbus
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